Friday, August 28, 2009

Hypnosis: The Key to Your Athletic Performance

In 1980, tests of world class Russian athletes showed that mental training was far more productive of improvement than physical training! Electrophysiological testing had indicated the dramatic value of mental imaging as early as 1932.
Hypnosis cannot make unskilled people into champions, but it can generate performance at or near "personal best" levels.
Hypnosis to improve athletic performance deals with four categories: goal setting, relaxation, concentration and rehearsal. Goals need to be written down; relaxation relieves tension; concentration removes distractions; mental rehearsing has proved more productive than physical practice. Olympic athletes use it often, with superb results. Mental processes do not remove the need for physical training and practice, but can maximize productive results.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Can Manage Pain With Hypnosis

Most Hypnotherapists work with pain problem primarily in conjunction with appropriate healing arts professionals. This is because pain often is a symptom of a problem rather that the problem itself. A headache might be a migraine; it also might be a brain tumor. A medical diagnosis is important.
However, properly used hypnosis can reduce pain, alleviate anxiety, remove fears of dentistry or surgery, eliminate or reduce the need for injections or other applications of chemical anesthesia, promote comfort and healing and expedite recovery. it is becoming more common in dentistry, obstetrics, burn treatment and emergency room trauma.
In accomplishing the above it is evident that hypnotherapy can prove dramatically effective in dealing with medically-related stress situations.