Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Secret of Visualization

It has often been said that "What your mind can conceive, you can achieve!" The same thought is expressed throughout the centuries from the Bible to today's motivational writers and speakers.
Books like the"The SECRET" and "The Law Of Attraction" have talked about the power of our thoughts and its impact on the lives we lead.
What you picture in your mind, you can bring into your life. You can "attract" anything you desire, as long as you can visualize it. We all have the power to make things happen in our lives but few of us ever learn how to use it.
Hypnotherapy utilizes the power of visualization.
If you have the ability to transform your thoughts into pictures , you can learn how to use this priceless skill. If visualization is difficult, as it is for some people,hypnosis can teach you how to develop it.
The benefits of acquiring these skills will last a lifetime and they will enhance your life in all areas.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

Hypnosis, a pathway to Self Confidence and Career Advancement

Do you feel that you are stuck in your job? Are you being passed over for advancement? Feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence are causing you to worry?
Shaky employment situations create stress, anger, fear and anxiety. So does failure to advance or move forward in your work.
What can hypnosis do to help? First, motivation is vital. You won't advance unless you decide that is what you truly want. Hypnosis can stimulate motivation, create a spark of motivation and strong desire in your heart. Fire you up to meet and welcome challenges.
Hypnosis can help you develop assertiveness, confidence and leadership. Hypnosis can help you become comfortable at meetings, speaking up and expressing your ideas. Through Hypnosis, you can learn new skills, techniques, procedures necessary to perform in advanced positions. And hypnosis can help you develop the ability to communicate effectively, an important factor in supervisory positions.. Doors will open in in your life, opportunities will develop and possibilities will create themselves right in front of your eyes.
You will discover that you have made a "shift" in your thinking and your beliefs about your capabilities and potential.
Life will only get better from here on.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

Effective Tools to make Learning easier

Did you know that poor study habits, poor memory, lack of focus, absence of reward, effects of medicines and drugs, and fear, these are the elements that adversely affect learning, resulting in poor comprehension, slow progress and low grades?
Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique, can help reduce or eliminate problems in any or all of these areas. Study habits, including time management and concetration,, can be improved through hypnotic suggestions.
Retention of words, ideas and concepts can be enhanced along with overall functions of memory. Hypnosis and EFT can stimulate the desire to learn, to progress, to achieve one’s full potential. Self-hypnosis skills and EFT will help clear the limiting beliefs that have kept the individual stuck in a "cannot learn" pattern.This change will provide lifetime benefits useful in achieving goals in the future. Most important, one would adopt a winning ," I CAN DO" attitude, so crucial for peace of mind and life success.

Dr. Eugenia Andrews

Healing Fears and Phobias

Fear reactions may range from simple “hang-ups” to specific (or less concrete) fears which affect the activities or enjoyment of life, to full-blown phobias which may be a part of serious mental illness. Under certain circumstances or in specific situations virtually all people experience a variety of rational or irrational apprehensions. Fears seldom travel alone. One may be dominant, but usually several may be present. Fears often develop when one thinks that there is impending danger. Fear of loss of control is a core issue of human experience and very common, especially in phobia cases. Fear of fear itself can be debilitating.
Hypnotic suggestions can replace catastrophic thoughts with rational thinking, based on facts explaining existing problems. Recognizing and exploring the causes can diminish anxieties and alleviate symptoms, relieving distress and setting the individual, free to enjoy life.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

Can hypnosis help children?

All of us are aware, that children live in their imagination. As they play and dream they become anything they can imagine: pilots, doctors, fireman, tractor or truck drivers, mothers, teachers.
Their worlds are unlimited and very real to them. Vivid imagination and mental pictures make them ideal subjects for hypnosis, provided they are old enough to maintain an attention span.
Children lack the inhibitions and they are free, while adults feel inhibited and restricted by society's rules and standards.
They are open to new things and receptive to new experiences.
Hypnosis can help children with : bedwetting, nightmares,school anxiety, fears, undesirable mannerisms and attitudes. As they grow older: attention problems, learning difficulties, study habits, stress (home & school), self-esteem and confidence, motivation, athletic performance, creativity, even grief from loss , separation or divorce.
Children respond positively to hypnosis and make amazing changes in their life.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

You Can Succeed in Sales

Sales is one of the most profitable careers. Yet a lot of people avoid sales positions, particularly commission sales. The reason is, that such positions involve direct personal interaction and a great deal of communication.
Sales is an area in which persistence, determination and the ability to accept rejection, form the foundation for success. All of these characteristics can be developed or enhanced through hypnosis. A great positive Attitude is the doorway to success.
If you are shy or very sensitive who tends to take things personally, You can adopt and integrate the belief that potential customers could be seen as friends who would benefit from using the product or service that you are offering.
The experience of rejection can be interpreted, as most successful salespeople frequently do, as a positive step toward ultimately achieving one's goal: closing the sale.
Hypnosis can remove all fear and doubts, while enhancing one's motivation and desire to succeed in sales.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

How to Achieve Your True Potential

One of the essential ingredients that create the foundation for happiness, is our self esteem.
Self esteem and self-confidence are essential in order for people to accomplish what they want. Self-esteem is fundamental to friendships, work, love relationships, ambitions and goals, even health itself.
A person must like, respect and admire the person he/she sees in the mirror.
Self-confidence is necessary to achievement; however, it requires self-esteem to be effective. Life events in childhood or adult years, can damage self-esteem and destroy one's confidence in themselves. The possibility of reaching one’s full potential could decrease. Past negative "tapes"and limiting beliefs from judgmental parents, teachers, relatives or peers can inhibit progress. Hypnotherapy can reveal the causes, create understanding and modify self-doubts and beliefs, enabling individual potential to come to develop itself. EFT, can help one let go of those old "tapes" of the past.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quit smoking permanently, with Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique

Dear Dr. Eugenia,
I have tried everything to stop smoking, acupuncture, filters, the patch you name it. Eight months ago, at the encouragement of a friend, I tried hypnosis and it worked. I had two sessions, and felt really good. There were no cravings and my energy started coming back. Then, I went through a divorce and I'm smoking again. I have a new home and I don't want it to smell like smoke so I end up smoking outside or in the garage and it's too hot this time of the year. I'm starting to get angry with myself and feel stuck again. I'm tired of this habit.
Can hypnosis help me this time for good?

In our experience about 95% of people who smoke are successful in their effort to stop smoking when they have more than one therapy options available to them.
People differ in the way they react to stressful situations and they can be caught "off guard" by a crisis, such as death, divorce, a move, loss of a job, even a bad day at work.of the second time around through hypnosis. Our research, which began in 1985 has clearly shown that a combination of at least two treatment methods, such as Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique, maximizes your success, up to 95% , and it's irrelevant to the number of one's efforts to quit smoking. You can be taught specific ways to "disconnect" any associations between stressful feelings and cravings for cigarettes, through EFT and Hypnosis. This way you would feel assured that no matter what happens, you are now free of cigarettes and have become a NON SMOKER FOR LIFE.

Dr. Eugenia Andrews

Hypnosis, EFT and Motivation Coaching Help You Stop Binging

I lose weight but when I'm close to my goal weight I start binging. I feel totally hopeless and have no idea, what to do. Can hypnosis help me to stop my binging habit?

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool when it comes to changing habits. In hypnosis, we work with your desire to stop binging and make that change through the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis, your subconscious will receive suggestions that will make a permanent change in your eating habits and more importantly your thoughts about food. You will learn to eat when you are hungry and stop eating out of habit, boredom , anxiety, disappointment frustration, anger or worry.
Binging may have given you a sense of control , but you do understand that this is "superficial " and not the " real" lasting feeling of control that you want to have in your life.
A program that includes Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and Motivation Coaching,, will help you develop high self esteem and you will stop responding to the "thoughts" of binging , instead, you will feel empowered and free. You will learn to exercise control over your thoughts, manage stress better and gain peace of mind. As a result, your relationship with food will change and food will no longer feel like the "enemy".
Remember, that YOU, are far more important than cookies pizza or ice-cream. You are an amazing , alive human being and "THEY" are only things.
Yes, you can stop the never ending cycle of binging and live the life you want. Believe it and take action to claim your happiness, Today.

Dr. Eugenia Andrews