Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your Psychologist Speaks: Exam Anxiety and Hypnosis

I am a sophomore in college and I spend several hours a week studying. My grades are average and they could really be better if only I stop being anxious during exams. I can't seem to remember what I've read and my mind goes blank. Is there hope for this problem?
Can hypnosis help me?

People who have good study habits and still have trouble recalling information, concentrating, and taking exams are the ideal candidates for help through hypnosis. We find that study habits are improved, memory recall is tremendously enhanced, and taking exams becomes much easier. Hypnosis increases one's abilty to concentrate. It helps the individual at exam time so comprehension and retention of the subject matter, is improved. We have been able to help several people with exam anxiety and confidence. People who want to improve their job performance or have success in sports, like basketball or golf, can also benefit from hypnosis.
Dr. Andrews
AWOG Bulletin (American Women of Greece)

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