Friday, January 9, 2009

STOP SMOKING - What are the symptoms of nicotine addiction?

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can:
  1. Do you smoke every day?
  2. Do you smoke because of shyness and to build self-confidence?
  3. Do you smoke to escape from boredom and worries while under pressure?
  4. Have you ever burned a hole in your clothes, carpet, furniture or car?
  5. Have you ever had to go to the store late at night or at another inconvenient time because you were out of cigarettes?
  6. Do you feel defensive or angry when people tell you that your cigarette smoke is bothering them?
  7. Has a doctor or dentist suggested that you stop smoking?
  8. Have you promised someone that you would stop smoking, then broken your promise?
  9. Have you felt physical or emotional discomfort when trying to quit?
  10. Have you successfully stopped smoking for a period of time only to start again?
  11. Do you buy extra supplies of tobacco to make sure you won't run out?
  12. Do you find it difficult to imagine life without smoking?
  13. Do you choose only activities and entertainments such that you can smoke during them?
  14. Do you prefer, seek out or feel more comfortable in the company of smokers?
  15. Do you inwardly despise or feel ashamed of yourself because of your smoking?
  16. Do you ever find yourself lighting up without having consciously deciding to?
  17. Has your smoking caused trouble at home or in a relationship?
  18. Do you ever tell yourself that you can stop smoking whenever you want to?
  19. Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you didn't smoke?
  20. Do you continue to smoke even thought you are aware of the health hazards posed by smoking?

If you answered "yes" to more than two of these questions, there is a chance that you are addicted or becoming addicted to nicotine. If you answered "yes" to three or more, you are Check Spellingprobably already addicted to nicotine.


  • Hypnotherapy
  • E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Acupuncture
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Cold Turkey
  • Self Help Groups (Smoke Enders or Nicotine Anonymous among others)

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