Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dear Dr. Andrews ,

I had been laid off from my job and my New Year's resolution, was to get into sales.
I've finally found a position, I think is right for me and could be good at. My income depends on commissions and personal effort is rewarded by the company.
I know I have not yet begun to reach my true potential. I want to be more successful at my job. One of my friends tells me that hypnosis helped him visualize his dream and he came to fulfill it. Can hypnosis help me?

We want to congratulate you on your decision to seek the work you've wanted this new year. Resolutions, focus on change and all change starts from within.
While in the hypnotic state, you are led by the hypnotherapist through visualization .
This is a process, of creating pictures in your mind, of yourself enjoying success.
When you visualize, you generate Powerful Thoughts and Feelings and Attract Positive Energy in your life such as having more customers and closings of sales.
Hypnosis also increases your Motivation, Self-confidence, Focus and empowers you to take action, toward achieving your goals.
It removes the obstacles from your subconscious, so you have a positive "Can do" attitude, and be a winner.
It helps let go of the fear of not getting what you want and you find it easy to visualize and create the expectation for your success.
You gain clarity, your thoughts stay positive and you feel confidence, belief and trust that Prosperity is your birthright .
We can help you get where you want by fulfilling your potential and achieving the Prosperity and Success you desire .
Once you make the DECISION, we help you make it a REALITY.
Dr. Eugenia Andrews

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