Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's February again, and Valentine's Day, is just around the corner.
Everywhere you turn you see red roses, pink candies , sentimental cards and heart shaped boxes with those sinfully delicious chocolates that are so hard to resist! (alas, I should know)...Oh, yes! Love is in the air!...All of us want to have this special feeling, if just for one day.
As I talk with friends, I can hear the anticipation , the expectations, the stress they feel, over what gift to buy, or what they might get from someone else and I don't even want to think about those people who forget to buy a gift and they suddenly "fall from grace " after such a ...mishap.
So, here is another perspective, a different look at Love.
It is my gift to you, for simply being YOU.
It doesn't matter if I know you or not, what truly matters is that you are here, on this planet and there is this invincible connection like a delicate thread that joins each one of us with the other as we create this community that's called humanity.
It may seem strange , even funny in some way, but I believe that Valentine's Day, is a day for everyone to feel the love they want, no matter if they are a couple or not.
When was the last time, that YOU, acknowledged yourself , for who you truly are? The authentic, incredible, unique human being who is going through this journey we call Life?
The time has come to take this step.
Choose a quiet space and be aware of your feet, touching the floor. This is the part of feeling grounded , having that sense of security and belonging.
Breath deep and allow your inner wisdom to come up and be heard, loud and clear, away from the busy chatter of the world.
Look into the mirror and observe slowly your face , your body, your physical self.
Leave the critical thoughts behind. They have no place in this moment now. This is you and there is nobody else on earth exactly like you.
Say out loud "You are perfect the way you are". Yes, you heard me right. No bargaining or doubting yourself.
"You are perfect and flawless, just the way you are".
Repeat this validation of yourself, until you know for sure that you believe it and you "own" that feeling in your heart.
Decide NOW, to live more in the moment, and fully appreciate you.
Stop thinking the "should have's"of yesterday and the "must do's" of tomorrow.
Slow down and be mindful of your thoughts.
Turn off the overthinking, it steals away your energy and leaves you angry and exhausted.
Be still and feel the quietness of your inner being without any distractions or thoughts.
Become aware of being Present .
There is just You and the Universe, God is all around you.
Feel the Gratitude for being alive .
Connect with the love you receive from the Universe, from God.
There is nobody in the world who will love you more than you.
Embrace this Love.
Feel it in your whole being and own it.
May you always feel Loved.
May your journey be one of wisdom and clarity.
May you hold yourself gently, as you dance lightly with your life!

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