Friday, February 6, 2009

A Choice: Letting Go of Guilt

Do you know a woman who does not feel guilty about something she said, felt or did? If she exists, I'm sure she lives on another planet. Guilt eats at us and saps us of our energy and inner peace. It steals our valuable time and peace of mind.
Today I invite you to release the guilt you are holding onto about something you said, or didn't say, or about what you did or failed to do. Think for a moment. What does the guilt add to your life? By feeling guilty, whom do you make happy and whom do you make happy and whom do you make sad? This unnecessary guilt you hold inside, slows down the process of attracting good things in your life. It might be love, friendship, forgiveness, generosity, success, abundance. Carrying your guilt around, it feels like a sack of stones, and it doesn't get any lighter.
Of course it never helps the people you think you have wronged.
Have you noticed that when you feel guilty, you tend to sabotage your success in anything you do.
From the depth of my heart, not only as a Life Coach, but also as a woman myself, I am asking you to check inside yourself. Have you been punishing yourself long enough? Are you tired yet of the constant self sabotage?
WHAT has to happen, for you to let go of this guilt.
Make a decision TODAY to let go of it. You will feel free!
Dr. Eugenia

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