Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hypnosis, a pathway to Self Confidence and Career Advancement

Do you feel that you are stuck in your job? Are you being passed over for advancement? Feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence are causing you to worry?
Shaky employment situations create stress, anger, fear and anxiety. So does failure to advance or move forward in your work.
What can hypnosis do to help? First, motivation is vital. You won't advance unless you decide that is what you truly want. Hypnosis can stimulate motivation, create a spark of motivation and strong desire in your heart. Fire you up to meet and welcome challenges.
Hypnosis can help you develop assertiveness, confidence and leadership. Hypnosis can help you become comfortable at meetings, speaking up and expressing your ideas. Through Hypnosis, you can learn new skills, techniques, procedures necessary to perform in advanced positions. And hypnosis can help you develop the ability to communicate effectively, an important factor in supervisory positions.. Doors will open in in your life, opportunities will develop and possibilities will create themselves right in front of your eyes.
You will discover that you have made a "shift" in your thinking and your beliefs about your capabilities and potential.
Life will only get better from here on.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

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