Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can hypnosis help children?

All of us are aware, that children live in their imagination. As they play and dream they become anything they can imagine: pilots, doctors, fireman, tractor or truck drivers, mothers, teachers.
Their worlds are unlimited and very real to them. Vivid imagination and mental pictures make them ideal subjects for hypnosis, provided they are old enough to maintain an attention span.
Children lack the inhibitions and they are free, while adults feel inhibited and restricted by society's rules and standards.
They are open to new things and receptive to new experiences.
Hypnosis can help children with : bedwetting, nightmares,school anxiety, fears, undesirable mannerisms and attitudes. As they grow older: attention problems, learning difficulties, study habits, stress (home & school), self-esteem and confidence, motivation, athletic performance, creativity, even grief from loss , separation or divorce.
Children respond positively to hypnosis and make amazing changes in their life.

Dr.Eugenia Andrews

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